NX200 Athena Classic With Black Stock


The NX200 Athena Classic With Black Stock from Sharda Gun House is a high-performance air rifle ideal for hunting and target shooting. With a durable black synthetic stock, precision-rifled steel barrel, adjustable trigger, and fiber-optic front sight, this rifle delivers accuracy, power, and reliability.

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The NX200 Athena Classic With Black Stock air rifle, available at Sharda Gun House, is a high-performance rifle that’s perfect for hunting and target shooting. The rifle features a durable and sleek black synthetic stock that’s comfortable to hold, with a checkered grip for added control.

The rifle is powered by a spring-piston power plant, delivering exceptional power and accuracy with minimal recoil. The rifle has a precision-rifled steel barrel that’s optimized for accuracy and range.

The rifle also features a micro-adjustable rear sight and a fiber-optic front sight, allowing for precise aiming. The rifle has an adjustable trigger that can be customized to the shooter’s preferences.

Overall, the NX200 Athena Classic With Black Stock is a reliable and high-quality air rifle that’s built to last. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a novice shooter, this rifle is sure to impress with its accuracy, power, and sleek design. Buy Gamo urban airrifles in India only from Sharda Gun House.


  • Caliber: 0.177″ (4.5mm)
  • Velocity: 262 mps / 860 fps
  • Power Upto: 20 Joules / 15 ft-lb
  • Power Plant: Nitro Piston
  • Action Mechanism: Break Barrel
  • Length: 1095mm
  • Weight: 3.15 kgs
  • Safety: Automatic
  • Rail: No
  • Use: Plinking/Fun/Shooting Practice/Self Defenc