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Our product line consists of air rifles from leading manufacturers from around the world. Find the model you want.

We are an Authorized Air Guns Dealer in India and hold an Air Guns Dealer’s License from the United Commissioner of Police Licensing New Delhi Branch.

Dealership license 
By Joint commissioner of Police
Licensing unit , Defence Colony
New Delhi

You Name It We Provide It

We bring you the best of old and new; Years of Experience; solid reputation; and an innovative, informative, and very convenient way to buy an air rifle.


Sharda Gun House believes in quality over quantity. The last decade has seen tremendous development in all aspects of life, so why deviate from the general rule? We offer you unparalleled national quality products. We offer quality products in good condition and provide you with methods to keep products in good condition. We promote items used in shooting sports. The result is an innovative quality product that lasts! We know because we use it. Sharda Gun House is dedicated to meeting this need. Today we continue to provide the products you want and hope we can make your life a little easier while we enjoy yours.